Random Word Generator

Random Word Generator 31.0

Generate random words that start with custom or random letters

Generates valid and random words that start with one or multiple characters. Supports defining the length of the generated word as well as copying to clipboard function to paste the word into another application. Runs on portable mode and requires no installation.

Random Word Generator is a program whose main objective is to generate lists of artificial words. My mind takes back to the universal literature or popular films whose authors really created artificial languages, with absolutely new words and even grammar rules.

With the help of Random Word Generator, creators may have save part of their precious time. Behind this seemingly simple software, there lies a sophisticated word construction algorithm. The basics of this application are easy, but there are lots of options to configure that may require at least elemental knowledge of lexicology and word formation.

Not only artificial words can be generated but you may also ask the software to generate real English words. This may come in handy when creating anagrams or crosswords, for instance. Either artificial or real words, the software includes a spellchecker to verify both conditions. In addition, when generating new words, you can impose restrictions to guarantee that the terms comply with your requirements.

In addition, this software includes other features to let you play with words. For example, if you provide a list of substantives and adjectives, the program will generate strange but meaningful noun phrases. Moreover, there is a tool that will generate (existing or inexistent) words from a set of letters. Finally, the results of the processes can be saved in a file or visualize on the computer screen.

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